Platform Updates

May 10, 2018

  • Create & Edit Your Own Email Templates, Create New Emails from Your Template Library
    We’ve added a new button to the Email Builder labeled “Save as Template”.

    • You can now save any of your emails as a template!
    • You can edit and delete any “Templates” you create
    • In tandem with this, you’ll also see an option to navigate to “My Email Templates”, a page where you can browse and search amongst the Templates you’ve created.
    • When viewing/editing any Template, you have the option to “Create Email From Template”
    • To be clear, you cannot send out a Template via a Campaign. You must create an Email from a Template and use that Email in your Campaign. Got it? Great!
  • Even More GDPR Related Additions and Changes
    The European Union’s “GDPR” privacy regulations went into effect on May 25th. Here are several tools and helpful features designed for our European customers and everyone who does business with EU citizens:

    • Easily Exclude Contacts Who Have Not “Granted Consent” From Participating in any Campaign or Workflow
      On the “Campaign Settings” tab, the first tab you see when creating a Campaign, you’ll now see a new checkbox labeled “GDPR Consent”. Checking this box will prevent your Campaign from emailing any Contacts who have not granted consent per the GDPR.
      Want this box to be checked automatically whenever you create a new Campaign? No problem! Click on your email address at the upper right corner in the Net-Results platform. This takes you to your “My Account” page where you’ll find a checkbox that allows you to “Require GDPR consent by default in Campaigns”.
      Have fun staying compliant out there! 😉
    • Comply with Requests from EU Subjects to Inspect the Data You’ve Gathered About Them
      We added a button labeled “Export Contact Data” to the Contact Details page. Go ahead, click it! It will download the Activity Stream for that Contact in “JSON” format, a “machine readable” format that satisfies this GDPR requirement.
    • GDPR Compliant Contact Deletion
      We’ve updated Net-Results’ deletion routine to be fully GDPR compliant. This means that deleting any Contact removes all identifying information for that Contact from the Net-Results platform.
    • Automatically Update the “GDPR Consent Granted” field via Nurture Campaign/Workflow
      We added the ability to set the “GDPR Consent Granted” field to either true or false within any Nurturing Campaign/Workflow.
  • Mass Delete Contacts via .csv File Upload
    To delete Contacts via a .csv file upload, create a .csv file with 2 columns:

    • A column labeled “Email Address” or similar
    • A column labeled “Delete Permanently” (you must use this exact label, though it’s not case sensitive)

    The “Delete Permanently” column must contain the word “true” (or the number 1, which means true to geeks).
    Uploading this .csv file will cause those uploaded Contacts to be permanently deleted so please use this capability with deliberate intention.

  • New API method for Deleting Contacts
    For your deleting pleasure, we’re happy to announce the Contact::delete method.
    This method accepts an array of either Contact IDs or email addresses.
    Caveat emptor: As the documentation states, “This will PERMANENTLY DELETE these contacts and CANNOT BE UNDONE. They will no longer exist in your account and ALL OF THEIR INFORMATION WILL BE IRREVOCABLY LOST.”
    As such, this API method is GDPR compliant.
  • Conversation Emails Sent From CRM Auto-Tagged for Reporting
    When your sales team sends a trackable email via your integrated CRM platform, those emails are sent as “Conversation” emails. We’re now “tagging” those emails for you automatically so you can gauge their performance on the “Conversation Dashboard” and via Scheduled Reports. Depending on what CRM platform you use, your emails will be tagged as:

    • Sent From Salesforce
    • Sent From Dynamics
    • Sent From SugarCRM
  • Small Changes and Fixes Because We Care
    • When viewing a specific Contact on the Contact Details page, the “List Membership” tab no longer displays Lists that you have archived
    • We fixed an issue that prevented your browser’s “back” button from working properly when drilling into the details on the Conversation Dashboard
    • The “My Accounts” page had an issue where it would ignore your preference for the number of results that should be displayed on the page. We fixed that.
    • We improved the layout of the notifications the platform displays when, for example, a .csv file is uploaded successfully, to reduce small things that make you (and us) crazy 🙂
    • Clicking the “Embed Form” button (when viewing a specific Form) was prompting you to “save your changes” even if you hadn’t made any changes. Quoth the raven, “nevermore”.
    • Easier to Check Boxes on the Email Settings Tab
      A small thing, but we made it so that clicking the labels/text next to checkboxes (“Enable as a CRM Template” and “Transactional Email”) checks or un-checks those boxes. It’s just a little easier than having to click the little checkbox itself.

May 4, 2018

  • Know the Date & Time of Your Most Recent CRM Full Sync
    We added this information to the “Integration Settings” page for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM integrations
  • Several GDPR Related Additions and Changes
    • Changing a Contact’s GDPR consent status will now result in discreet entries in the Activity Stream for that Contact. Each entry is time stamped and will read as follows:
      • Constent granted/revoked via a Form:
        GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] via the Form named [form name] published at [URL]
      • Consent status changed manually via the Contact Details page:
        GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] by [logged in user email address]
      • Consent status changed via the “Set Field Value” action in a Workflow/Nurturing Campaign:
        GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] by the campaign branch named [branch] in the campaign named [campaign]
      • Consent status changed via .csv file import or API call:
        GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] via .csv file upload or API call
    • We’ve also added a new Activity Stream filter that allows you to easily view all “GDPR Consent Changes” in isolation from other Activity Stream entries. This also means that you can now request this information as JSON data via API using the ContactActivityHistory::getContactActivity method.
    • Streamlined Do Not Track Capability
      We’ve added a simple means to prevent the Net-Results tracking beacon from firing/tracking the page views of any website visitor.Setting a variable named “__macapture” to the boolean value of false in your first party cookie will now stop the Net-Results tracking beacon from tracking the page views originating from the devices on which you set this cookie value.
    • Set the value of the “GDPR Consent Granted” Field via .csv Import
      Use a column labeled “GDPR Consent Granted”. You may pass a 1 or a 0, a boolean true or false, or a string of “true” or “false” to set this value.
  • HTTPS Links to Subscription Management Landing Pages
    If you’re using a Net-Results drag & drop landing page as a “subscription managment” page, we’ve made an adjustment to ensure that any links to that page in your emails will leverage https (secure, encrytped) rather than the http version.
  • Time Zone Bug Fixed
    Several smart people noticed that data presented in the chart on the Conversions Dashboard differed a bit from the data in the table. This was due to the chart using UTC time rather than default timezone from your account. This has been fixed.
  • Oversight Overseen
    We fixed an issue where the sorting errors on “datagrids” (pages like My Emails and My Campaigns) could reflect that you had sorted a column in ascending order when it was actually sorted in descending order. Oops.
  • De-complication of the Net-Results Tracking Beacon
    The tracking beacon was leveraging JQuery, a javascript library of sorts, in some ways that weren’t really necessary and a sharp-eyed customer pointed out that this could cause some issues. We re-factored the code of the tracking beacon, eliminating all use of JQuery. (the javascript nerds reading this will *so* happy we’ve gone purist 🙂

April 20, 2018

  • Sync “Dynamic Marketing Lists” and Their Members From Dynamics 365/CRM to Net-Results
    If you use Dynamic Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics those lists are now automatically synced to Net-Results.

    • We’ll create a List in Net-Results with the same name of your Dynamic Marketing List in CRM
    • Once per hour, we’ll update the List in Net-Results based on the then-current membership of the list in Dynamics (we’ll both add and remove members to keep it up to date based on what’s going on in Dynamics)
    • If a List already exists in Net-Results with the same name of the Dynamics list, we’ll sync to that List
    • You should not add or remove members to/from these Lists within Net-Results as your changes will be overwritten during the next hourly sync
  • Vidyard Integration
    Vidyard is an online video platform similar to Wistia and Vimeo. If you embed Vidyard videos on your website, Net-Results will now monitor who views those videos and how long they watch each one.
    You can read the details in our Vidyard knowledge base article.
  • GDPR Changes
    Several changes related to the EU’s coming GDPR regulations are now live with more to come…

    • A new Standard Field called “GDPR Consent Granted” has been added to each of your Net-Results Contacts.
    • You have the ability to set the value of the GDPR Consent Granted field via the API using the ContactImport::setOne method or the Contact::submitContactImportmethod.
      You may pass a 1 or a 0, a boolean true or false, or a string “true” or “false” to set this value
    • The GDPR Consent Granted field now appears on the Contact Details page and may be set manually from there. Its possible values are “Yes” and “No”
    • A new “GDPR Consent” field has been added to the Form Builder. This field is a checkbox whose only purpose is to allow a person to grant consent under the GDPR. As such, it is not possible to set this field to be “checked” by default.
      You’ll notice that you have the ability to set a description when using this check box, and that we’ve not provided any default description. As you might expect, our legal team would prefer to avoid providing any default language as there is much debate as to what constitutes “compliant” language. Please consult with your legal team to determine the appropriate language for your organization.
  • Performance Improvements
    • We reduced the time it takes for a Campaign to load in the platform
    • We substantially reduced the time it takes for Segments with a “Did (Open, Click, etc.) in Any Campaign” condition to run
  • Email Preferences Are More Easily Discovered
    Did you know that you can set a default Reply To label and email address that will appear on any newly created emails?
    Did you know that you can pre-set up to 20 email addresses as potential recipients of your “test” emails in the email builder (so you don’t have to type those email addresses every time you want to send a test)?
    It turns out that many customers did not know they could do this because the option was a bit difficult to find.
    Go to the drag and drop Email Builder and have a look at the main navigation bar. You’ll see “Email Preferences” is now an option. Check it out!
  • Columns on My Emails, My Campaigns, etc. Now Sort in Descending Order by Default
    It’s common to sort by the date when a thing was created or most recently modified. Having these columns sort descending by default will save you a few moments in many situations.
  • Bug Fixed: When editing the actual HTML of an email, typing a set of double quotes would result in 3 double quotes due to a problem with the auto-complete. We solved that in the WYSIWYG.
  • New API Method: Subscription::getContactIds
    The new Subscription::getContactIds method does the same thing as its peer in the List controller and provides a better way to check which Contacts are currently opted in to a given Subscription.
  • Another Bug Fixed
    When sending a test email to multiple recipients, each recipient after the first would see a default unsubscribe message (the one that is auto appended for compliance reasons) even if you already had a compliant (and better looking) unsubscribe option of your own. We fixed that.
  • A Bit More Information for Conversation Reports
    The details .csv file that comes attached to scheduled Conversation Reports now includes Company Name

March 30, 2018

  • New List Dashboard!
    We’ve rolled out a List Dashboard that shows the growth and trend for any given List over time. Check it out by navigating to Reporting -> Dashboards -> List. You can also get there from the My Lists screen.We will be enhancing this dashboard over time, adding more useful data and visualizations.
  • Sync Static Marketing Lists from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Net-Results
    You can now choose to have your static marketing lists synced to Net-Results from Dynamics CRM/365. If you elect to activate this feature we’ll automatically mirror the lists and their members from Dynamics into Net-Results. Adding or removing members in Dynamics will cause those leads/contacts to be added or removed in Net-Results.Want to take advantage? Hover your email address in the upper right corner of the app and navigate to Integration Settings -> Dynamics. Check the box labeled “Sync Static Lists from Microsoft Dynamics to Net-Results”
  • Enhanced Reporting: Email Engagement Details Now Included with the Conversation Report
    We recently added the ability to receive scheduled reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or immediate) on “Conversation” emails (one-off emails like auto-responders, shipping confirmations and similar).This week we’ve enhanced that report by attaching an additional .csv file that details each email open and link click in your Conversation emails.
  • Improved User/Password Management
    If your permissions allow, you now have the ability to have Net-Results generate a new, random password and email the new credentials to the user.We also made it easier to edit a user’s account without altering their password.
  • Update FaceBook to use api v2.12
    We updated Net-Results’ integration with Facebook to leverage a newer version of their API. You won’t notice any difference, just letting you know that we’re keeping up.
  • Some Housekeeping
    Someone brought to our attention that, when exporting a Segment or List, the email that arrived didn’t make clear which Segment or List was exported (though the attached .csv file did). The emails now make this clear.

March 23, 2018

  • We’ve added the ability to schedule daily/weekly/monthly reports on “Conversation” emails
    Note that Form Autoresponder emails are sent as “Conversation” emails in Net-Results.
  • You can now “tag” your Autoresponder emails for reporting purposes.Here’s how this works…
    Autoresponder emails must be “tagged” with attributes when sent to enable enhanced reporting. Then, when viewing the Conversation dashboard (or downloading it as a PDF, a capability we added last week), you can filter for data that matches the tags of your choosing.This will allow you to view a dashboard or schedule a report on things like

    • All autoresponder emails across all Forms
    • Only autoresponders sent by Form A or Form B
    • Group Forms by purpose (via tags, more on that below) and view reports for all Forms that share a similar purpose

    So there’s something you need to do to take advantage of these new reporting capabilities:

    • Open/edit each of your Forms in Net-Results
    • Go to the “Form Actions” tab and…
    • Click on “Send Autoresponder Email”
    • Look for the label that says “Tag Your Autoresponder Email”
      You’ll see that Net-Results has pre-applied a tag called “Form-Autoresponder” automatically.Please add additional tags for your reporting purposes.You’ll likely want to add a tag based on the Form name.You may want to add another tag to group certain Forms purpose if you’d like to see the results from those related Forms aggregated together.

Also new this week:

  • Simplified Perpetual Campaign Conditions
    We made it easier to choose the participants for Perpetual Campaigns. In the past it was required that list membership be among your conditions. This is no longer the case.
  • Faster Loading Times for Images on Landing Pages and PDF Assets
    Net-Results leverages CloudFront, a content delivery network that’s part of Amazon Web Services. This week we made some changes that ensure images added to landing pages going forward are loaded via CloudFront. The same change was made for PDF assets.These changes only to apply to images added going forward. We’re not able to apply this change retroactively.

March 16, 2018

  • Download the Campaign Overview Dashboard in .csv format
    You’ll find the download button above the dashboard to the right, directly next to the button for downloading as a PDF that we added last week.
  • Campaign Performance Dashboard Enhancements
    When viewing performance stats for individual campaign branches you’ll now see the email name (which links directly to the email) and the email’s subject line (assuming your campaign branch sends an email, which doesn’t always have to be the case).
  • Increased Flexibility with Form “Thank You” Messages
    A few weeks back we added the ability for your Forms to display a “thank you” message rather than always redirecting the visitor to a separate thank you page.This week we added a wrapping <div class=”thank-you-message-container”> to make it easy for you to apply your own CSS to the thank you message if you wish to.
  • Landing Page Builder Tracking Beacon Update
    We rolled out an update to the tracking beacon used in the Landing Page Builder to thwart some more ad blockers
  • Some Cleanup of the “Header” Module in the Landing Page Builder
    Just a bit of cleanup for additional clarity.
  • Dead Bug
    We solved an issue that allowed the Form’s Save button to be clicked multiple times. This was leading to unexpected behavior but has been solved.
  • Additional Clarity in Setup of Landing Page Domains
    We made some changes that should make the process of setting up landing domains more intuitive.And did you know that you can use as many landing page domains as you like, each one with https encryption by default (and at no extra charge)?

March 9, 2018

  • Download the Campaign Overview Dashboard as PDF
    See the button. Click the button. Have the Campaign Overview Dashboard sent to whatever email addresses you choose in PDF format.
    Pretty straightforward, but hey, we want to keep it simple on a Friday 🙂
  • Reduced Email Sizes (in Kilobytes) Mean Less “Clipping”
    If your email is pretty long, some clients (like Gmail on mobile) will “clip” the email. Your recipient would then have to click to view the rest of the email.We reduced the amount of HTML included in Net-Results emails by an average of about 25% – 30% to prevent clipping. The longer your email is the bigger the reduction will be. For particularly long emails with lots of content we’ve seen reductions of >40%.
  • Warning if Your Form Lacks a Submit Button
    We saw some instances where Forms were published with no way to submit them. Doh!
    You’ll now be warned when saving your Form if it lacks a submit button.
  • Bug Squashed
    We solved an issue related to linking from Net-Results Emails to landing pages with subscription management forms on them.
  • A Helping Hand
    When creating a new email, if you fail to add your postal address (a requirement of anti-spam regulation in many countries), the warning that is displayed now links directly to a knowledge base article to make it easier for you to solve this quickly.

March 2, 2018

New this week: some cool new capabilities, some bug fixes, and some technical mumbo jumbo that keeps your data safe:

  • Download the Campaign Performance Dashboard as a PDF
    There’s now a button to “Request a PDF” on the Campaign Performance Dashboard!We’ll generate your PDF and email it to the recipients you ask us to (separate email addresses with a comma please. Your email address will appear there automatically).Going forward, we’ll be adding PDF download capability to all the dashboards in Net-Results!
  • Save & Re-Use Form Fields
    Fields added to your Forms now offer the option to “Add to Library”.Let’s say you’ve customized the States drop down field to include only states on the West coast. Click “Add to Library” and you’ll be able to re-use your customized drop down on other Forms without having to re-do your customization.You’ll find your saved fields under “My Library” on the right side where other available fields are located.
  • Archive Segments
    In addition to Campaigns, Lists, & Emails, you now have the ability to archive Segments to get old ones out of your way without having to delete them.It’s easy to archive multiple Segments all at once: you can easily filter them by name, select the applicable Segments (with the checkboxes to the left or by using the “Select” button), and archive them (the Archive button will appear when at least 1 Segment is selected).Archiving Segments simply hides them from view so you can de-clutter, removing old Segments from the “My Segments” screen. You can always view your archived Segments (or mark them as “Active” again) via a drop down control near the top of the page.
  • Map “Paragraph Text” form fields to a Custom Field
    You can now map “Paragraph Text” fields (which are html <textarea> fields for the code savvy) to any Custom Field that is set to hold text.It’s important to note that a Custom Field is currently limited to 1,024 characters. If your paragraph field is submitted with more characters, the text will be truncated.
  • Clarified
    Some labels on several “My” pages (like My Emails) were edited for additional clarity. Bask in the glow of that one.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Sync Authentication Technical Stuff
    The Dynamics integration was updated for compatibility with the authentication protocol leveraged in Microsoft’s latest version. This ensures that your data, when in transit across the interwebs, is encrypted at the highest levels supported by Microsoft.

February 23, 2018

We made great progress on some new capabilities this week that aren’t quite ready for release. We’re excited to get some (maybe all) of those out next week.In the meantime, here are the changes that went live this week:

  • Set a Lead Score to Any Value You Choose (Including Zero) You can now use the “Adjust Lead Score” action in your workflows/nurturing campaigns to set lead scores to whatever value you choose. This gives you the ability to reset lead scores to zero – or any other value – should you have the need to do so.
  • Archive Emails In recent weeks we rolled out the ability to archive Campaigns and Lists. This week we added the ability to archive Emails. You can easily filter Emails by name or folder, select your Emails (with the checkboxes to the left or the “Select” button), and archive them.
    • As with Campaigns and Lists, archiving Emails simply hides them from view so you can de-clutter, removing old Emails from the “My Emails” screen. You can always view your archived Emails (or mark them as “Active” again) via a drop down control near the top of the page.
  • Bugs Fixed We fixed a bug that could prevent you from deleting a Landing Page We solved a problem that could cause an error when attempting to view the usage of Lists & Subscriptions