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Styling & Embedding Forms

I promise, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

  • Styling Forms
    • Net-Results Forms come with default CSS (styling) applied. It’s easy to override these default styles and ensure that your forms appear just the way you’d like. You can download the CSS Style Sheet below.
  • Embedding Forms:
    • You may embed any Net-Results Form on any of your existing websites. To embed a form go to your form in Net-Results and at the bottom of the page in the button bar, click on the “Embed Form” button. You will have two options:
      • “HTML SOURCE” does not support Progressive Profiling or pre-population of fields. Using HTML Source is not recommended unless you have a specific reason to use it. Using HTML Source is effectively using the Net-Results form builder as an html generator.
      • “Hosted Source”provides support for both Progressive Profiling and pre-population of fields. Hosted Source consists of an html that contains a bit of javascript that will pull your Form into the location of your choosing.

✦ The domain that you are embedding a form on must be a part of a Net-Results “Domain Group” and the page on which you embed the form must have the Net-Results tracking code in place. 

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