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Understanding your Sales Funnel and the flow of prospects through it is key measuring your overall marketing success. Net-Results makes it easy for you to manage your funnel, analyze the flow of prospects through your funnel, and take action to keep prospects moving forward. By simply categorizing your Contacts into various Lead Stages, you can easily target specific prospects for additional nurturing and stay informed as those prospects approach conversion.

Once you have created Lead Stages, you can:

  • Manually set a Contact’s Lead Stage within the Contact View
  • Automatically set your Contacts’ Lead Stage using a Set Lead Stage Campaign Action in a Nurture/Advanced Campaign
  • Assign your Contacts’ Lead Stage via CSV Import
  • Assign your Contacts’ Lead Stage when the Contact submits any Net-Results Form (via Form Actions)
  • Use a Contact’s Lead Stage as a condition in any of your Segments, Campaigns, and even Lead Scoring rules
  • Watch the flow through your various Lead Stages using the Net-Results Funnel Report
Lead Stages can be found under Administration by hovering over your email address in the upper right hand corner.



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