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Knowing which prospects are engaging – and when – leads to increased close rates and speeds time to revenue.

The Net-Results Gmail Plugin tells your sales people who’s opening their emails, which links they’re clicking, and what they do on your website. You can install the extension here.

  • When prompted, enter in your Net-Results username and password.
  • When you’ve finished the install process, start Gmail. When you compose an email you’ll see that the composer screen has some new options from Net-Results:

  • Compose emails as you normally would – or pull from a template that was built in Net-Results & change the content as you like.
    • Instead of clicking “Send” hit the “Send with Net-Results” button. Net-Results sends your emails using Gmail – but we’ll automatically track when those emails are opened, which links are clicked, and exactly what your prospect does on your website.
    • Your emails appear in your Sent Items like any other email would, and replies come back to your inbox as they always do!
    • Selecting Notify on Open or Notify on Click will trigger a notification to you when the email is opened or clicked. We also do you a favor and remember your settings, so you don’t need to click this every time!

Tracked emails may only be sent to one recipient at a time – each trackable link is customized to the recipient, so no cc’ing or bcc’ing!

The plugin will automatically detect available updates and prompt you to install the latest version.



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