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Descriptions of Available Form Fields

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Standard Fields
  • Single Line Text: Your standard text input for fields such as name, title & company.
  • Single Line Number: Your standard number input field, for fields such as phone number or company size.
  • States: A drop down menu that we created just for you! It has all 50 states in alphabetical order.
  • GDPR Consent: A check box for your customers to provide consent.
  • Multiple Choice: also referred to as “radio buttons”. A submitted can only select one option.
  • HTML: Have your own HTML? That’s fine, paste it here!
  • RECAPTCHA: Built by Google, reCAPTCHA can stop “bots” from submitting spam via your web forms. reCAPTCHA adds a simple post that your prospects must check to “prove they are human”. It’s easy for humands to check this box but very hard for bots to do so. Adding reCAPTCHA to your forms will prevent most form spam from getting through while keeping things simple for prospects.
    • You may choose whether your reCAPTCHA will have a light (default) or dark background.
    • You may choose whether you’d like a “normal” (default) or “small” RECAPTCHA in your form.
  • Paragraph Text: Also referred to as a “text area”, use this for capturing comments or other long form text.
  • Drop Down: Also referred to as a “pick List”, a drop down field allows a person to select one option.
  • Countries: Just like the states drop down, we wanted to make things easier on you so we created a Standard Field that lists 254 countries.
  • Checkboxes: This input allows submitters to select multiple items. However, each individual checkbox you add must be mapped to a different field in Net-Results.
  • Hidden: Sometimes you want to capture information that the submitter doesn’t enter; perhaps it’s populated by a script on the page. We can capture hidden fields just fine.
  • Section Break: Inserts a horizontal line for you to break up sections of your form as necessary.
Advanced Fields
  • Name: This option will add the first and last name fields together on a single line and auto-map to first name and last name. Marking this as required will require both fields.
  • Address: This option will add (and auto-map) an entire address block including Address 1, Address 2, City, State/Region/Province, Zip and a drop down for Country. In the options for this “field” you can hide individual pieces as you like, or you can display the entire block, and you can set the entire non-hidden field set as required or none.
Subscription Management
  • If you leverage Net-Results Subscriptions, you can add your subscriptions to any form. This essentially allows you to create your own Preference Center or Custom Unsubscribe Page.

  • You may use either a standard Submit button, or an image in place of a button.
My Library 
  • A collection of the field you use most often. In each field, simply click “Add to my Library” to save to your Library. Once a field has been saved, it will appear under the “My Library” Tab on the right.

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