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Form Actions

After you create a form, you can utilize it for a variety of actions:

The Form Actions you assign to a form stay with that Form no matter how many Landing Pages you use it on.

  • Adjust Lead Score: Increase (or decrease) a Contact’s Lead Score. Being that Net-Results Lead Scores consist of Contact, Activity, and Engagement Scores, you may adjust any of these in any of your existing Lead Score Overlays.
  • Assign Owner: Assign the Contact to a Lead Owner.
  • Modify List Membership: Add/Remove the Contact to/from one or more Net-Results lists.
  • Modify Subscriptions: Add/Remove the Contact to/from one or more Net-Results Subscriptions.
  • Register For Webinar: If you have the GoToWebinar Integration setup, automatically register the Contact in any of your upcoming Webinars.

Tip: Use Register For Webinar Action in conjunction with Modify List Membership for easier segmentation later on!

  • Send Autoresponder Email: Use one of your Net-Results Emails as an auto responder. Net-Results will send the email to the Contact immediately when the form is submitted. (read more on Form Autoresponder)
  • Send Notification: Send an email notification to any email addresses of your choosing. This notification provides all kinds of great detail about the prospect that submitted your form – including how they ended up on your website and the pages they viewed before submitting your form!
  • Send Webhook: A webhook will send a copy of the data submitted via your form via an http POST to any URL of your choosing. This is great for technical folks as it allows you to configure Net-Results to push data straight into your custom application, database, or 3rd party application.
Data Sent via POST

  1. The Contact’s IP address The full URL of the web page where the form submitted by the contact was located.
  2. The Net-Results contact_id (useful in additional API calls).
  3. A UTC timestamp indicating exactly when the form was submitted. The Net-Results form_id (the ID of the form that was submitted.

✦ The values inputted/submitted via your form come through the POST as an array called “submission_values”. Within the submission_values array, the values submitted via each of your fields will in turn be passed in an array. This allows us to send you multiple values for a given form field when applicable.

Formatted JSON Data








  • Set Field Value: Set a field vlue that perhaps isn’t part of the form itself (I.E. set CustomLeadScore to “Web Form”).
  • Set Lead Stage: Set/Change the Lead Stage for the Contact that has submitted your form.
  • Sync with (Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar): Push/update the Contact in your integrated CRM system.

CRM not mentioned above? Not to worry! Zapier is a great way to connect apps without writing any code. We’re happy to help you get your integration set up with this!

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