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Creating Forms

Go to the Form Builder

  • Marketing Center → Forms → Create New.

  • Add Available Fields to your form by simply expanding the drop down & then clicking the field you would like to add.

  • To edit your form field, hover over the field & then select edit. You can also delete & add a form field to My Library when you hover over the field!

  • While editing a field, you can choose settings such as “required” & “prepopulate”. Also, if you are working with fields that require a label + a value, it’s important to note that the label is what the contact will see – the value is what you will want to see in Net-Results. Often times, these two match.

  • You’ll also see in the screenshot above that the responses are mapped to a specific custom field in Net-Results. You can create as many custom fields as you’d like and map your form responses to them (you can map to standard fields too)!
  • Add a Submit button to your form.

  • Add some Form Actions to your form to help automate some of your processes (modify list membership upon submission, send notification & so much more!).

  • Place your form on a Net-Results Landing Page or embed it on one of your other webpages!
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