Adding A Landing Page Domain

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Before you can begin creating your landing pages you’ll need to get a subdomain set up. Net-Results allows you to set up as many subdomain as you’d like & the process is super easy!

You can add a subdomain by going to the Landing Page Domains center under Marketing Center -> Landing Pages. 

Once you arrive here you’ll see a button titled Add Domain. Clicking this will give you the option to add your domain and to designate a domain group.

No Add Domain button?! You probably need to configure your form builder!

If you have already set up the proper CNAME record for your subdomain, when you enter the domain you’ll see a screen like the below:

There are three categories that need to be all green checkboxes in order for your subdomain to be 100% ready for use:

  1. DNS Setup – this is done by you, in your domain zone file. Not sure where to do this? Click here!
  2. Provisioned – this is handled by the Customer Success team at Net-Results. When you enter a domain here, it triggers a notification to us to finish up the provisioning process & request an SSL certificate! This is a quick process and happens within a (at most) 3 hours.
  3. Ready to Publish – Once those two tasks are completed, this will resolve to a green checkmark and you will be ready to build your own landing page.

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